What To Prepare For Your Pet's Surgery

How to Prepare before and After Your Pet’s Surgery

Is your pet undergoing surgery sometime soon? Perhaps your pet is getting spayed or neutered. Or maybe she is undergoing another operation. Either way, it’s important to make sure you and your family are prepared. Visit us at Prairie Creek Pet Hospital, serving Sioux Falls, Hartford, Harrisburg, Dell Rapids, Brooks, and the surrounding communities, to learn about prepping your pet.

Preparing Your Companion for Pet Surgery

In the days leading up to surgery, you’ll want to limit any rough play. Your pet can still get exercise, but it’s best to tone it down a bit. You don’t want your dog, cat, or other pet strained and sore before an operation.

Our veterinarian will also likely give specific instructions regarding food and water. During surgery, your pet will most likely be given anesthesia. These medications will knock your pet out so that he doesn’t feel any pain or struggle during the surgery.

That said, pet anesthesia may also suppress your pet’s gag reflex. If he vomits and has water or food in his stomach, he may choke. It’s vital that you follow your pet veterinarian’s instructions about withholding food and water.

Ensuring Comfort and Healing Following Pet Surgery

You’ll also want to take steps to ensure your pet’s comfort after surgery. First, your companion may still feel the effects of the pet anesthesia after surgery. He may have trouble walking, especially up stairs. If possible, bring along a helping hand who can help you with your pet at the animal hospital and at home, too.

Your pet also needs to avoid strenuous activities after surgery. Speak with our vet about how much rest your pet needs. Often, you’ll want to ensure your pet takes it easy for 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. Older pets may need more recovery time than younger pets.

Our vet can also help you recognize the warning signs of an infection or other post-surgery complications.

Swing by Prairie Creek Pet Hospital, serving Sioux Falls, Hartford, Harrisburg, Dell Rapids, Brooks, and the surrounding communities to learn more about pet surgery.

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