Dog Spay & Neuter

Spaying and neutering are common procedures that prevent dogs from getting pregnant. If you have a dog, you can consider spay and neuter options to control the population and maintain your dog's dog health.


At Prairie Creek Pet Hospital, we perform these two procedures to better protect the health of your pet and make pet ownership easier. Book an appointment with us or visit our pet hospital in Sioux Falls, SD, to get the assistance you need and improve your dog's health. Call us at (605) 339-8900.   

What Is Spay And Neuter?

Spay and neutering are safe surgical procedures for dogs and other animals to prevent them from getting pregnant. Spaying is done on a female dog, whereby an experienced veterinarian makes an incision on the dog's stomach to remove the ovaries and uterus.

Neuter is a dog surgery done on male dogs. Also known as castration, neutering involves making an incision on the dog to remove the testicles. This simple procedure can be done in less than an hour.

Both spaying and neutering are safe procedures and involve the use of anesthesia before starting the process. However, the vet carries out a dog wellness exam before the surgery to ensure the dog's health is fit for the surgery.

Also, the dog might need to rest for two to three days at home to avoid running, jumping, or strenuous activities. The best time to spay and neuter is likely when your pet is young but we can conduct a dog wellness exam to help you make an informed decision.   

Why You Should Spay and Neuter Your Dog

Here are the main reasons you should consider dog neutering or spaying if you have a pet.

Improved Dog Health

Spaying reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer in female dogs. The risk of getting uterine infections becomes lower as well. On the other hand, neutering significantly reduces the risk of prostate tumors, potentially allowing your pet to enjoy better health.

Reduced Risk of Unwanted Pregnancy

The cost of maintaining a pet is high and can increase when your dog gets an unwanted litter. Spay dog surgery prevents your pet from getting unwanted puppies.

Reduced Dog Aggressiveness

Neutering can reduce your dog's aggressiveness towards other males because females will not distract it from mating. As such, you enjoy more time at home with your pet.  

Get a Dog Wellness Exam and Dog Surgery from a Veterinarian at Our Pet Hospital

Spaying and neutering are important surgeries that you may consider for your pet. If you want this procedure for your dog, visit our pet hospital in Sioux Falls, SD, to discuss more details with our team. Book an appointment with us today. Call us at (605) 339-8900 for Prairie Creek Pet Hospital.

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