Nutritional Counseling

Prairie Creek Pet Hospital offers nutritional counseling for dogs and cats as part of overall wellness programs. As pets age, they have different nutritional needs depending on the breed and their overall health. One diet does not suit all cats or dogs.  Puppies and kittens also have different nutritional needs than older dogs and cats.


Pets who suffer from illnesses like diabetes, obesity, kidney or heart disease also have specific nutritional needs. We can recommend dry and moist pet food, supplements, and exercise to meet your pet's specific needs.

Pet Nutritional Counseling in Sioux Fall

After a wellness exam, our veterinarian can design a special diet based on your pets' needs. We can tailor these diets to pets with chronic illnesses to accommodate all of their nutritional needs.  Our staff will provide you with a daily feeding schedule that is best for your dog or cat. We will recommend special dry, fresh, or moist food that meets your pets' nutritional needs. We will also determine your pets' ideal calorie intake and teach you to read pet food labels. There are many different types of pet food. Our vet can find the right one for your pets.

Our veterinarian will design an exercise program for your pet as part of a nutritional counseling program. Exercise is important for losing weight and maintaining good health. Walking your dog regularly, letting him play in an enclosed yard, playing with your dog in the park, or letting him swim in warmer weather is all good exercise.

Indoor cats should be given toys that encourage them to climb and play. An enclosed yard is a safe place to let cats out to play while watching them. Overall, both cats and dogs need regular exercise. This is part of nutritional counseling.

Contact Us for Nutritional Counseling in Sioux Falls

Contact us for nutritional counseling at Prairie Creek Pet Hospital by calling our office to make an appointment at (605) 339-8900. Our animal hospital will give your pet an exam and design a diet and exercise program based on his specific needs. We want to keep your pet healthy.


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