Veterinary Dermatology

If your pet has itchy spots, red bumps, or a rash, then it is likely they are experiencing at least a little discomfort at the moment. Our pets explore their world by running through every terrain your yard offers, sniffing plants, and rolling around on the ground while enjoying the warmth of the sun. These daily delights often expose them to allergens and they can trigger skin irritation as a result. At Prairie Creek Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls, we want to work with you to keep your pet comfortable and healthy. Our experienced veterinarians will identify the cause of the problem with your pet, talk you through your options, and offer suitable medications if needed.


Skin Allergies

Allergies can pop up from anywhere. Things like seasonal plants and pollen, food, medications, and numerous other triggers can all be an issue for your pet. When an allergen comes in contact with your pet’s skin its body reacts to protect cells against the irritant, and the response sometimes presents itself as a rash or an inflammation.

It can be difficult to know everything your pet is exposed to, and often just as difficult to limit their curiosity or reduce their play area in a yard or in the home. Our veterinarians offer specialized dermatology exams, treatment options, and they will happily work with you to come up with the best approach for your pet’s particular case. Allergic flare-ups are stressful and they can be dangerous, so watch your pet for symptoms and schedule an exam with a veterinarian.

Parasite Infestation

Fleas, ticks, mites, and mosquitoes are plentiful in outdoor areas where your pet enjoys exploring and relaxing. These parasites actively seek hosts and multiply quickly, unfortunately, a few stray insects can quickly turn in to constant skin irritation for your pet. The best method of protection is to get ahead of the problem and arm your pet with a topical treatment that kills parasites. Your veterinarian will be happy to provide guidance in choosing the best medication.

Hot Spots

Red, inflamed, and often oozing areas of skin that become tender from excessive itching or chewing are known as hot spots. They have many possible causes, ranging from surface skin irritation like flea and insect bites to deeper problems like muscle and joint aches or even behavioral issues. Pets often learn to relieve the short-term aggravation by scratching or licking and they are unknowingly prolonging the hot spot’s duration. Topical medication and preventing your pet from licking and itching those areas are usually necessary.

Skincare Help From Your Local Veterinarian

In addition to specific dermatology concerns, skin problems can manifest themselves as a part of other medical problems. If you’ve noticed your pet is suffering from any of these symptoms, the best option for them is a thorough exam by a knowledgeable veterinarian. Dermatology represents an important part of a pet’s health, so call Prairie Creek Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls at (605) 339-8900, to set up an appointment for an exam.

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