Wellness Exams & Preventative care

Don't Wait Until Your Pet Is Sick to See Your Veterinarian

Prairie Creek Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls is always available to take care of your sick pets, but prevention is better than treatment. A regular pet health exam, keeping up with vaccinations, and good parasite control can make your pet's life a lot happier and save you money. Let's take a look at the basics of pet wellness exams and preventive care.


Schedule A Wellness Exam with Your Veterinarian for Your Pet at Least Once Per Year

Your vet needs to see your pet every year for the same reason you need to see your doctor and dentist every year. Even if your pet exhibits no symptoms of illness, it’s important to detect and treat disease before it causes permanent damage to your pet's health. We offer wonderful care for your pet at our animal hospital, but you will have many more happy times with your pet if you keep up with vaccinations, parasite control, and detect chronic problems like diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and cancer while they can still be treated. Your veterinarian can recommend a complete wellness program for your pet based on breed (some breeds are more prone to certain health problems than others), age, lifestyle, and health history.

Vaccinations Are a Must for Your Pets

Vaccinations do more than just keep your pet in compliance with city ordinances in Sioux Falls and surrounding the towns. They protect your pets against many dangerous and highly contagious diseases. The vaccinations you get for your pet may save not only its life, but the lives of its littermates and other pets, including protecting it from diseases it can catch from your neighbors' pets and feral animals.

Every pet should get certain core vaccines, such as shots for rabies, feline calicivirus infections, feline panleukopenia infections, feline viral rhinotracheitis, canine parvovirus infection, and canine hepatitis. Your veterinarian at Sioux Falls Pet Hospital may also recommend non-core vaccines such as those for canine kennel cough and feline leukemia. Some vaccinations protect your pet for a lifetime, but others may have to be repeated several times.

Your Veterinarian Is Your Best Source of Help for Pet Parasite Control

Both indoor and outdoor pets are subject to fleas, ticks, and mites. Outdoor pets can encounter worms and other nematodes, especially if they encounter wild animals or feral dogs and cats. Pet parasite prevention isn't always as simple as giving your pet a pill or a dab of medicine once a month. Your veterinarian can keep you informed of seasonal outbreaks of parasitic disease and show you the very best produces for pet parasite control.

Let Prairie Creek Pet Hospital Be Your Vet in Sioux Falls

Whether it's an animal health emergency or you just need routine pet health care, Prairie Creek Pet Hospital at 3508 South Minnesota Avenue Suite 102 in Sioux Falls is here for all your pet health needs. Call us at (605) 339-8900 to schedule an appointment today!

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