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In your search for a veterinary hospital, we believe you should look for high quality care, great service, and a clean comfortable setting for you and your pet.  We have assembled a veterinary health care team committed to providing exceptional pet health care and exceptional client service in our state of the art facility. 

Your pet's appointment, whether a well-pet exam or to evaluate a problem or illness, will start with a weigh-in and a complete nose to tail physical exam. This physical exam is an essential step in identifying potential health problems. Because we know that some pets get nervous during veterinary visits, we strive to make our patients as relaxed as possible. That is why you may notice our technician offering your pet treats or your veterinarian talking with you and your pet throughout the physical exam process. A tasty snack and a soothing voice can put nervous pets as ease. What your pet may not know is that while munching on that tasty tidbit and experiencing a soothing voice and gentle petting, a complete physical exam is being performed! Assessing oral/dental problems, heart/lung/breathing abnormalities, skin irregularities, weight changes, neurologic problems, and orthopedic issues all starts with that physical exam. Based on the physical exam, your veterinarian may recommend other tests or assessments to fully understand your pet's complete health picture. We will always explain all recommended tests and procedures and strive to make your pet comfortable during any procedures we perform. 

If you have records of previous vaccinations and other health history, please be sure to bring those to your first appointment.

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