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If you are a cat or dog owner, you undoubtedly want to provide your pets with the best possible care so that they remain healthy. One important task to undertake is scheduling a Spay & Neuter process for your pet if you do not intend on breeding your pet. This procedure requires an appointment at Prairie Creek Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls with our veterinarian. Here is some information about spaying and neutering to read over so you understand why it is important, how the process is done, and how to care for your pet after it is conducted.

The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

Most people have their pets spayed or neutered so their reproductive process is stopped. Since there are many unwanted puppies and kittens that do not have homes, getting pets sterilized will help keep that number from rising. In addition, spaying or neutering a pet will cause some cancers to not be an issue. Many pet owners find that their pet will stop displaying poor behavioral procedures, such as urinating or spraying around the home to mark territory. For cats, yowling to search for a mate will be eliminated. Male animals may stop some aggressive behavior as well.

How Our Veterinarian Handles the Procedure

Our veterinarian will need to perform an evaluation of your pet's health before a Spay & Neuter surgery can be conducted. If there are medical difficulties that need to be addressed, they will be treated before the process can be done. Our veterinarian will take your pet's age into consideration and will schedule an appointment for surgery. You will need to refrain from giving your cat or dog food or water for several hours before their scheduled surgery. This is because general anesthesia is used, and there is a possibility of aspiration if contents are present in your pet's stomach.

How to Care for Your Pet after Spaying or Neutering

After your pets are given the go-ahead to be released from our practice after their surgery, they will require some care to keep them feeling their best. Place your cats or dogs in an area away from a lot of activity, as they will likely want to rest. Some pets will seem very lethargic after surgery. This is a side effect from the anesthesia that was used. Check your pet's incision for any oozing, blood, or ripped stitches and contact our vet immediately if the wound does not appear to be healing properly.

If you are ready for the Spay & Neuter procedure for your pet, reach out to Prairie Creek Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls to make an appointment for an evaluation by our veterinarian. 

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