Pet Medical Services

Visit Our Hospital for Our Pet Medical Services

At our pet hospital in Sioux Falls, SD, we provide all required pet medical services, from pet diagnostics for unknown ailments to emergency care. Prairie Creek Pet Hospital is a trusted, reputable, and compassionate pet hospital. We're eager to assist you with whatever pet services your dogs, cats, and pocket pets require. 


Qualified & Careful Pet Surgery

Pet surgery is advanced, comprehensive, and compassionate with our team of experts. Whether it's a routine spay, neuter, or something more complex, we have the equipment and knowledge to handle it.

If you suspect your pet may need surgery, the first step is to contact us. We will set up an initial exam to assess your pet's health and determine possible solutions. Then, when it comes time for the surgery, you will be comfortable knowing your pet is being cared for properly.

Animal Diagnostics

Does your animal require detailed and comprehensive pet diagnostics to determine what's happening to its health? We do these procedures to help determine what is occurring inside our pet that they can't necessarily tell us about. Our most common diagnostics include blood tests, ultrasounds, X-rays, fecal exams, urinalysis, and biopsies.

If we need you to bring something to your animal's appointment for an examination, we'll let you know beforehand, so you can make the proper collection.

Emergency Care

Perhaps your animal has consumed a food or beverage not meant for pets, and now they seem to be acting strangely. Another common reason we see animals for emergency services is because of accidents or injuries. If you think your animal needs immediate attention from a vet, we're here to assist. Let us know what's happening, and we will give you an honest recommendation about what to do next.

Routine Medical Care

Of course, we also provide all the routine medical care your animal will ever need, from dental treatments and parasite control to behavioral counseling and wellness check-ups. After you come and see us once, you and your animal will feel like members of our family.

Call Us at the First Sign of Trouble

Prairie Creek Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD, has an honest and reputable staff prepared to answer your questions and get your pet on the appointment books for whatever pet medical services arise. Call us at (605) 339-8900 to have all your questions answered and concerns cleared up.

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