Pet Surgery at Prairie Creek Pet Hospital

Pet may require surgery for a variety of conditions. Some may be health issues that are caused by genetics. Animals may also develop health problems as they get older. Sometimes, accidents occur that may require emergency surgery. When these problems arise, you need professional care for your pet. At Prairie Creek Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD, we provide surgical procedures for a wide range of health conditions.


Common Surgical Procedures

Our veterinarians perform various routine surgical procedures. Spaying and neutering procedures are essential to prevent unwanted litters and prevent certain cancers from developing. Eye or ear surgery is sometimes needed to correct injuries or congenital problems. Dental surgery to remove broken or decayed teeth allows pets to feed normally and maintain good health. Wound repairs are sometimes needed after accidents or fights with other animals. We also perform paw and nail surgeries at our pet hospital.

Orthopedic Surgery

Some breeds of dogs are vulnerable to orthopedic problems in the hips, elbows, or kneecaps. Some have issues with spinal discs. These problems can be corrected or managed with a number of orthopedic procedures. Fractures of the bones may need complex surgery to restore normal mobility.

Emergency Surgery

Sometimes accidents occur, and animals require immediate surgery to save their lives and restore normal function. For example, bowel obstructions can occur that may be life-threatening. A damaged artery can cause excessive blood loss. If pets have emergency health problems, our vets are ready to perform needed surgery to restore their health and well-being.

Caring for Pets Before, During, and After Surgery

Before a surgical procedure, our veterinarians will carefully evaluate your pet’s health to make sure he or she is able to undergo the procedure safely. During a procedure, our veterinarians will carefully monitor your pet’s vital signs while it is under anesthesia for maximum safety. After surgery, you will receive detailed instructions on aftercare to ensure your pet fully recovers and has the best outcome.

Visit Us for Professional Animal Care from Our Veterinarians in Sioux Falls

Dr. Carr, Dr. Plagman, and our staff at Prairie Creek Pet Hospital are committed to providing quality veterinary care to all our patients in Sioux Falls and neighboring communities. Our animal hospital offers a full range of services, including examinations, vaccinations, diagnostics, parasite prevention, dental care, nutritional counseling, and more. Contact Prairie Creek Pet Hospital today at (605) 339-8900 for an appointment or to learn about pet surgery procedures that can help your animal live a healthier, more active life.

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