Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery at Our Sioux Falls Animal Hospital

Some pet owners become alarmed when they hear that their beloved pet should have surgery -- but they really shouldn't. Modern veterinary surgery offers sophisticated techniques for handling a wide range of needs, from simple preventative procedures such as spay and neuter surgery to major operations. Whatever kind of surgery your pet may require, you can rest assured that you've got a caring capable friend at our Sioux Falls animal hospital.


Many Types of Pet Surgery

Pet surgery is sometimes used to diagnose conditions rather than treat them. If we're trying to identify an internal problem that isn't showing up on an X-ray, for example, we may use exploratory surgery to view the problem directly. At that point, we might perform additional surgery to treat the issue, or we might use a different form of treatment altogether. Other forms of pet surgery are preventative in nature. Spay and neuter surgery isn't a medical necessity, but it doesn't just prevent pregnancy either; this form of surgery can actually prevent deadly reproductive cancers from threatening your pet's life.

Other forms of pet surgery may have more urgency attached to them. Orthopedic surgery can be used to reconstruct a damaged knee or deteriorating joint that is causing your pain extreme pain and disability. Dental surgery can extract a dangerously infected tooth or remove oral cancer. Emergency surgery could save your pet's life by sealing arteries, mending extensive traumatic injuries, removing internal obstructions, assisting in difficult labor, or untwisting digestive organs twisted by bloat.

Comprehensive Surgical Care at Prairie Creek Pet Hospital

Prairie Creek Pet Hospital is your trusted resource for any and all kinds of pet surgery. Your Sioux Falls veterinarian will explain the procedure to you and examine your pet's current state of health. We will also determine what kind of anesthesia your pet should receive. Anesthesia is not without risks, but it is essential to keep your pet from experiencing discomfort or moving around during the operation. We monitor your pet's anesthesia carefully to make sure it's administered safely.

Once your pet is out of surgery and able to return home, we will provide you with additional information on how to monitor his recovery, change wound dressings, and administer the prescribed pain medication or antibiotics. We want to make sure your pet enjoys a complete and uncomplicated recovery.

Does Your Pet Need Surgery? Contact Any Sioux Falls Veterinarian on Our Team

Don't be afraid or hesitant to give your pet the surgical procedure he needs. Call (605) 339-8900 today to schedule a consultation with any Sioux Falls veterinarian on our team!

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