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Conditions Treated by a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

At Prairie Creek Pet Hospital, we are here to provide pet care for your pets in Sioux Falls, SD. Stop by today to explore some of the many services we offer, and so you can get the proper treatment for your pet companions. We can help treat a range of conditions so you don't have to hunt for other veterinarians any longer. Some of the many conditions we treat include the following:

Pet Dermatology Issues

Our pet dermatology services help diagnose and treat numerous skin conditions. This can include anything from mites to other parasites, allergies, infections, and other diseases that may affect the skin. We can help diagnose any potential issues and prescribe the best treatment for your pet.

Pet Allergies

Allergies can be the cause of skin issues in pets. We provide treatments to help alleviate your pet's suffering from itchy skin or other related conditions. We can also provide antihistamines and other medications to help reduce the effects of allergies.

Dental Problems

We provide dental care services to ensure your pet's mouth and teeth are healthy. Our team will clean the teeth and check for any signs of gum disease or tooth decay. We can also recommend preventive care to make sure your pet's teeth stay healthy.

Pet Health Conditions Requiring Surgery

Pet surgery may be necessary for more severe cases or to treat certain conditions. At Prairie Creek Pet Hospital, our veterinarians are skilled in performing both surgical procedures. From spaying and neutering to other types of surgery, our team is trained to provide pet care for your pet.

Conditions Requiring Urgent Care

We also offer urgent pet care services in the event of an unforeseen accident or pet illness. Our team can provide quick and reliable diagnosis and treatment to help get your pet the help they need ASAP. Visit us during normal business hours if your pet is in need of medical attention.

Get Pet Care form a Veterinarian at Our Pet Hospital for Pet Allergies and Pet Illness

At Prairie Creek Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD, we understand how important it is to provide your pet with the care he may need. Stop by today and ask us about the services we offer to make sure your pet is getting the best possible care. We look forward to seeing you soon and providing pet care so your companion stays in tip-top shape. Call us at (605) 339-8900 for more information.

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