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While we may regularly keep up with routine health checks for our cat or dog we might miss the importance of our pet's dental care.  Just like with people, pets need their teeth cleaned and checked too.  Below we will take a closer look at why pet dental care is important and what your veterinarian can do to help.


Why is pet dental care important?

Pet's teeth are extremely important to them, probably more so than human teeth are to humans!  A cat or a dog relies on his or her teeth to not only eat, but to vocalize and act as a pair of hands.  Having a healthy set of teeth and gums can help your pet's overall health too.  Often, the teeth and gums are one of the places where certain diseases will exhibit the first signs and symptoms.  Furthermore, bacteria that starts in the mouth can travel to other parts of your pet's body, such as the heart, and become quite dangers and even life threatening.  By keeping your pet's teeth in the best shape possible you are setting them up for a lifetime of health.  

What is a veterinarian able to screen for?

A veterinarian is able to check for any signs of gum disease.  Often pets can have tarter and plaque build up that can spread dangerous bacteria to the rest of the body.  Your vet will also look for any broken or damaged teeth.  Not only can these teeth become painful but they can potential lead to dangerous infections.

What are common dental problems?

Most commonly pets are subject to plaque and tarter build up which can usually be easily fixed with regular teeth cleaning.  If left unchecked plaque build up can lead to gingivitis.  In more extreme cases some cats or dogs may have tooth injuries that require extractions.  If a tooth is broken or diseased an extraction is usually the best option to prevent further damage to your pet's healthy teeth.  

How can your veterinarian help with regular dental maintenance?

Working with your veterinarian you will be able to come up with a regular plan for dental maintenance.  Often, using hard, textured chews will help clean in and around the teeth.  Products are available to allow owners to brush their pet's teeth at home.  Just like anything, at home dental care for your pet takes time for both you and your pet to become accustom to.   If you are looking for a veterinarian in Sioux Falls that is experienced with dental care Prairie Creek Animal Hospital can help.  Our team of caring and professional veterinarians and staff will treat your pet 

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