Caring for Your Senior Pet

When you invest in your pet's health, they can live a long and happy life. Caring for a senior pet is vastly different than caring for a puppy or kitten. Senior animals need special attention so that they can continue to live a good life. At Prairie Creek Pet Hospital, we have been providing residents of Sioux Falls SD, with reliable senior pet care services for many years. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when caring for a senior pet.

Prioritize Vet Visits

When your pet is considered a senior, it is important to prioritize visits to the veterinarian. During these visits to the animal hospital, our veterinarian will be able to evaluate your pet for any age-related issues and illnesses. When these types of problems are identified early, a treatment plan can be created quickly. Our veterinarian will also do your pet’s blood work during these visits to further screen for illnesses and make sure your senior pet’s kidneys and liver are functioning properly.

Keep Your Pet Active

Pets become less mobile with age. You will need to make a special effort to keep your senior pet active. Regular physical activity will keep your pet’s body healthy. If your dog is having trouble getting up on its feet after lying down, consider investing in a pet sling. A sling will allow you to easily lift your pet back onto its feet after laying down.

Consider Using a Heated Pet Bed

Heated pet beds can provide relief to senior animals who are dealing with joint and muscle pain. Just like a person enjoys using a heating pad when they are in pain, a heated pet bed will help your pet recover from a day of activity.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Animal Hospital in Sioux Falls 

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