Managing Pet Allergies

Pet Allergies

At Prairie Creek Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls, we understand that you want the best possible care for your pet. We are an animal hospital that provides high-quality veterinary care to keep your pet healthy. When you take good care of the health of your pet he will have a happier life. If you are concerned about pet allergies, it's time to bring your pet to visit one of our veterinarians.

Signs of Allergies in Pets

Your pet isn't going to tell you he is not feeling well, but he will show signs that he is suffering from allergies. Pets can be allergic to a range of things, just like people. If you have recently tried a new pet food, or there are high pollen counts in the area, your pet could be suffering from allergies. Your dog or cat may have watery or red eyes, sneeze frequently, or start scratching at his skin due to allergies.

Treatment for Pet Allergies

When you bring your pet to our animal hospital for allergies, treatment is done based on what is causing the allergies. Your pet may be prescribed antihistamine medication to reduce itchiness, cream for areas that they are irritated, and possibly a cone to wear if he will not leave certain areas of his body alone. Our veterinarians will assess your pet to determine the right course of action for the allergy symptoms.

Find Pet Allergy Treatment in Sioux Falls, SD

If you are looking for a veterinarian in Sioux Falls to treat your pet for allergies, it's time to contact Prairie Creek Pet Hospital to schedule an appointment with Dr. Carr or Dr. Plagman. We will make sure your furry friend finds relief quickly. Call our team today at (605) 339-8900 to schedule an appointment at Prairie Creek Pet Hospital.

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