• Pet Vaccination FAQ?s
    Answering Your Pet Vaccination FAQs Getting your pet vaccinated is one of the most responsible things you can do as a pet owner. Vaccines protect your pet from diseases that can Read more
  • Managing Pet Allergies
    At Prairie Creek Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls, we understand that you want the best possible care for your pet. We are an animal hospital that provides high-quality veterinary care Read more
  • Flea and Tick Prevention
    When you have a dog or a cat, that pet is vulnerable to bites from both ticks and fleas. Even when your pet stays indoors, he still runs the risk Read more
  • Caring for Your Senior Pet
    When you invest in your pet's health, they can live a long and happy life. Caring for a senior pet is vastly different than caring for a puppy or kitten. Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Vaccinations
    Vaccinating your pet is one of the best things you can do to prevent it from contracting a serious illness. Vaccines prevent diseases like rabies and parvovirus, both of which Read more
  • What To Prepare For Your Pet's Surgery
    How to Prepare before and After Your Pet’s Surgery Is your pet undergoing surgery sometime soon? Perhaps your pet is getting spayed or neutered. Or maybe she is undergoing another operation. Read more
  • How Often Should Your Pet Receive Pet Care
    If you are a new dog or cat owner, you will likely want to take the necessary steps to keep your pet in the best of health. Our veterinarians at Read more
  • When To Bring Your Pet to An Animal Hospital
    When To Bring Your Pet to An Animal Hospital Are you wondering when you should bring your pet to the veterinarian’s office? We are going to look at some situations in Read more
  • When to Choose To Bring Your Pet to An Animal Hospital?
    When to Choose to Bring Your Pet to An Animal Hospital? Pet care is very important for your pet's general health and wellness. It is crucial to take your pet for Read more
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